Reliable Document Retrieval is a full-service document retrieval company.

We offer the following services to the Real Estate, Legal and Banking industries:

Document Retrieval

Document Retrieval is a search that is performed for a specific document, such as a Mortgage, Deed of Trust, Assignment, Release, Satisfaction, Deed, etc. The documents can be copies, county certified copies or an abstracted report. (The abstracted report contains the information just as it appears on the document itself.) Copies and abstracted reports are returned to you electronically as an email attachment. County certified copies are normally returned via express shipping.

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Current Vesting Information

This is a search for the most recent deed that has been recorded. A search for prior deeds, or a chain of title for a certain period of time, or a specific party can be done as well - whatever you need. This can include taxes and/or assessments as well. Copies and reports can be returned to you electronically as an email attachment.

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Document Recording is a service we provide to get an original document officially recorded at a County Recorder's Office. This service puts that document and its information in the official records of that county. The recording information and / or the officially recorded document is returned back to you. If the officially recorded document is not available immediately upon recording, in most cases we can provide a photocopy with recording information stamped on that copy (also called a county conformed copy).

In many counties throughout the U.S. we can electronically record your document rapidly. The advantages to e-recording a document is that is gets into the Recorder's records much faster than being delivered to the County and there is no worry about lost or misplaced paperwork - the document never leaves our office. Confirmation of Recording is obtained immediately and is emailed to you swiftly.

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Current Owner Searches / O&E Searches

A Current Owner Search, also called an O & E (Owner & Encumbrance) Search, consists of a search for the most current Deed, or chain of Deeds back to a full transfer. Then coming forward, all open Mortgages, their associated documents, Liens, Judgments and other matters affecting the property. We also provide a typed report with all the documents that were located. This can be done with no copies, full copies, pertinent pages, or whatever you need. Copies and reports can be returned to you electronically as an email attachment.

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Title Searches

This consists of a 30, 40 or 60 year search on a property. This normally gets into a hand search of the old record books. It will contain a full chain of title with Deeds, Easements, a search for any open (or open and closed) Mortgages / Deeds of Trust, Assignments, Releases, Liens, Judgments or any other encumbrances on the subject property, including Tax and Assessment information. These are tailored to exactly suit your needs. These are done with or without copies and a typed abstracted report is included. Copies and abstracted reports can be returned to you electronically as an email attachment.

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Foreclosure Searches

A Foreclosure Search consists of a search for all the documents relating to a property that is or will be going through foreclosure. It normally has a Warranty Deed, all open Mortgages / Deeds of Trust, foreclosed Mortgages / Deeds of Trust, Assignments, Notice of Defaults, Notice of Trustee's Sale, Trustee's Deed or Sheriff's Deed, Liens, Judgments, Tax status and amounts, Assessments, and anything else related to the property. In the applicable states it also has a search of the courts for foreclosure cases where these attach to the property. We also provide a written report of all the documents that are found on the search. Copies and abstracted reports can be returned to you electronically as an email attachment.

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UCC/Judgement & Lien/Court Searches

This service includes a search at the Recorder's office for UCC documents, Judgments and Liens, active and terminated for a 10 or 20 year search, as well as a 10-year search of the Court records for open and closed cases. We will include a typed report and copies of documents if needed. We can tailor-make and package any request that you may have, to meet your legal obligations.

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AVR stands for Assignment Verification Report. This is a search and report of Recorder's records for a particular Mortgage, all Assignments, Modifications, CEMA (Consolidation, Extension and Modification Agreement) documents and any Release/Reconveyance. We can provide copies as well as an abstracted report showing our findings. We are able to handle small and large projects. We do offer RUSH services if needed.

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Secretary of State

We can search and obtain UCC documents and Liens at State Level. We are also able to obtain copies of Business Filings for your corporate needs. We have additional services in California that we can provide, such as Apostille stamps and certification as well as filing business documents and/or UCC documents, Judgments and Liens.

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Custom Searches

Just let us know what you need and chances are we can provide that at an affordable price. We are able to customize any order, project or report to meet your specific needs.

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